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Understanding child sexual abuse in institutional contexts

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

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These volumes of the Final Report present the Royal Commission's understanding of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts and its impacts on survivors.

List of volumes

Volume 2 details the nature and cause of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts; it discusses what it known about the extent of child sexual abuse and limitations of existing studies; and it discusses factors that affect the risk of child sexual abuse in institutions and the legal and political changes that have influenced how children have interacted with institutions over time.

Volume 3 details the impacts of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. It discusses how impacts can extend beyond survivors, to family members, friends, and whole communities. The volume also outlines the impacts of institutional responses to child sexual abuse.

Volume 4 describes what the Commissioners learned about survivors' experiences of disclosing child sexual abuse and about the factors that affect a victim's decision whether to disclose, when to disclose and who to tell.

Volume 5 provides an analysis of survivors' experiences of child sexual abuse as told to Commissioners during private sessions, structured around four key themes: experiences of abuse; circumstances at the time of the abuse; experiences of disclosure; and impact on wellbeing. It also describes the private sessions model, including how the Royal Commission adapted it to meet the needs of diverse and vulnerable groups.